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David Kudrow, M.D.

Director, California Medical Clinic for Headache
Director, Headache Clinic Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Assistant Clinical Professor in Neurology,
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

By appointment only:
Tel: (310) 315-1456
Fax: (310) 315-1486
Email: info@drkudrow.com

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Why a Headache Clinic?

Surveys have determined that about 28 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. Women are affected more frequently than men with migraine. Children and Adolescents also suffer from migraine headaches. Less than 50% of migraine sufferers consult a doctor for their recurrent headaches and even fewer are receiving appropriate treatment. The result is loss of productivity due to missing work, school, home and social obligations not to mention the effects on quality of life.

When is it time to consult a headache specialist?

  • If the frequency of your headaches is increasing
  • If the duration of your headaches is increasing
  • If the intensity of your headaches is worsening
  • If the associated symptoms are getting worse
  • If you are starting to feel like you are experiencing more headache days than non-headache days
  • If your headache medications are no longer as effective
  • If your headaches are interfering with your ability to function at work, school or home
  • If your headaches are affecting your social life
  • If you are afraid to leave the house because of the fear of getting another headache.

The California Medical Clinic for Headache is a nationally recognized referral center for patients with headache disorders. We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of headache and we are a recognized research center helping to develop new headache treatments.



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